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Interior Graphics

Redblu, Internal Graphics


Interior Graphics can make a great first impression to anyone visiting your premises. 

Investing in interior graphics in your own space can have many advantages including:

Do you need new shop signage in Paisley?

Are you looking to give your shop or restaurant a refresh to keep your loyal customers and attract some more?  

Redblu Graphics and Displays (a sign company based in Paisley) are able to help give your shop frontage a makeover and help make you stand out from the competition.

We have in house design and production to ensure even the tightest of deadlines are met.

Large Building Banner

Tasked with producing and installing a new frame system and banner for this gable end of a whisky Bond.  The banner measures 10m x 5m and is fixed using a clever push fit framing system from Spiritflex called F2 profile..

Post Planting Depth Calculator

What Depth hole should I dig?

Digging the correct depth hole.

Many installers, both good and bad, have a preconceived idea on how deep a hole should be to accommodate a sign post.

There is no substitute for experience, but the table below is a good starting point for those of you with little, or no experience at all.

Recommended Letter Sizes and Viewing Distances for Signage

This chart shows the Text size to viewing distance and is helpful guide, giving an idea of the size of lettering and then scale of a sign.

The information contained in this chart enables the sign maker to produce legible signs that can be read from the correct distance, making sure the end user has a sign supplied that is clearly legible.

Please note that this is a guide only, text styles and colours should always be taken into consideration, when designing.

EPM Solutions support St Mirren

Local business EPM Solutions are an engineering asset management company, providing professional, specialised engineering services to organisations that operate in industrial and hazardous environments. Their Managing Director Gary Kerr is a fan of SPL side St Mirren and with them getting the the league cup final was keen to show his support for his local team.

How to wrap a vehicle with 3M

3M and Andrew Gamble demonstrate the different techniques used for applying different 3M wrapping films into different types of recess. Going through the process steps taken, from cleaning to applying to post heating. The video looks to inform vehicle wrappers, applicators and the market on the characteristics of 3M films and where they should be used and how.