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Mobile Guardian | Custom Modular Exhibition Stand

BETT, London Excel, 2017


Mobile Guardian the Glasgow based technology company approached Redblu to design and build their exhibition stand for BETT Show at London Excel in January 2017. They had booked an 8m x 5m space only stand and wanted an inviting stand as open as possible with some storage, 4 screens, a teachers desk counter and blackboard. They wanted to hire.


Using our T3 Modular exhibition system we designed the stand to just under 4m in height to make as much use of the space for high level branding. We printed the graphics using blockout polyester and these Silicon Edged Graphics (SEG) are printed in one piece and stretched over the frame ensuring no joins to keep the branding as clean as it can be.

We didn't want the storage door to open into the aisle so flipped it over to the internal corner of the storage room. We hung a 60" screen on this wall.

The second high level wall had to have 3 screens, in this case 40" versions and there was apple tv connections and some laptops on the counter. 

We used some furniture from the local furniture contractor to finish off this stand.