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Tailored Solutions

Glasgow 2014 - People Make Glasgow
Glasgow 2014 - People Make Glasgow
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If you have a specific brand vision or alternatively don’t have a clue where to start, you’ll benefit from our end-to-end, tailored service. First we assess your goals and the impact you want to make on your market. Next we guide you through our consultation, site survey, design, render, build and break process offering creative and technical advice on graphics, purpose, size, weight, flexibility, transportation, and budget.

Site Survey

The next stage for most signage and interiors projects will be a site visit/survey. We check the lie of the land (quite literally in some cases), and assess the suitability of the graphics or solutions we are considering for the job.

We take measurements, check existing fixings and finishes and generally just have a nosey about. It’s also a great chance to understand the areas involved, in terms available space, natural light and visibility from various points.

We also take this opportunity to take some photos which help us with the next stage…


By now we’ve got a pretty solid understanding of what you need from the project, and can visualise our concept. This may be flat signage layouts showing dimensions and colours, mock-ups of a digital wallpaper in situ or a 3D concept render of an exhibition stand viewed from a number of angles.

The purpose of this is to be clear with our solution so you can understand what we are proposing.


Once we’ve got our visuals together, we present it as a proposal document for you to mull over. This will show you the various visualisations and concepts we have come up with along with an outline of costs and what is included in the project.

We try to highlight the benefits of our ideas and how they align with your requirements, hopefully leaving you in no doubt that this is the right solution for you.

Design & Artwork

If you choose to proceed with the project, the next stage is design and artworking. It may be that you are reasonably happy with the content provided in the visualisations and just need a few tweaks to get it just how you want it, or perhaps you want to start over with a different layout or colour palette. In either case, we will work quickly to tie this up for you, getting things just right before we go to production!


At this point, you can put your feet up and start the countdown.

We are hard at work printing, sticking, chopping and testing to make sure we deliver the best output that we can for you. In certain cases it’s possible for you to check any final details or see colour/material samples as required, but for the most part you can just sit back and wait.

Productions times will vary greatly from project to project, as it all depends on what is involved, but rest assured we schedule everything carefully to make sure we hit your deadlines without issue.

Installation/Build & Break

The final piece in the puzzle is the on-site installation, or in exhibition stand terms, the build and break either side of the show.

For exhibition stands, we build the stand in time for your arrival and aim to do a face-to-face handover to check everything is in order whenever possible. This also lets us test any equipment and AV presentations you are bringing to the event. We then magically re-appear after the show closes, pack everything up and take it all away again, either for delivery to you or to be housed at our factory for its next outing.

For signage and interiors projects, our specialist install teams work quickly and efficiently, minimising disruption to you as much as possible, and working around other trades as required. All have the necessary certifications and are experienced in their respective fields.

Of course, if you are receiving your project via courier or we are shipping it direct to a location on your behalf, the next time we hear from you will be when you contact us excitedly to tell us how well it all turned out (hopefully!).

Call 0141 887 7378 for advice on how we can bring your bespoke solution to life