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Product Launch

Product Launch - ISOframe Ripple

ISOframe ripple is the ultimate linking banner stand display system!

The ultra-lightweight flexible linking banner-stand system - a great alternative to traditional pop-ups and banner-stands. Ideal floor size: up to 12m2. 2.2m max. height.

For an incredibly lightweight and flexible display solution that is compact, easy to assemble, transport and re-use, ISOframe Ripple is the perfect choice.

Introduction to Formulate, the Lightweight, Fabric Display System

Formulate is a product family of aluminium structures with textile fabric graphic socks that wrap snugly around each frame.

  • Graphics can be removed and replaced easily, perfect for when your message needs changing often.
  • There are a range of kits suitable for back wall displays or hanging structures, perfect for exhibition banners.
  • Formulate kits are extremely easy to build and very lightweight.
  • They are half the weight of standard popups which are transported in a case.

ISOframe Wave Portable Exhibition Stand

ISOframe – The World’s first fully flexible portable display system.

Popup displays and rollup banner stands have been around for a long time now and they certainly are really good for certain applications.  The main complaint with them is that they are fixed in shape.  The popup 3×3 system usually curved is fixed so that you can only have your graphics on the outer or inner curve.

Rollups have to be straight to you can’t curve them to fit into different spaces.  You can push them together and make a kind of a wall but really it looks naff.