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Tips and Tricks

Reconfigure Your Exhibition Stand Systems!!

Redblu, Lidl, Design

Redblu Graphics & Displays were on hand on Sunday for a Lidl, Pick of Scotland suppliers' event in Stirling.

Building the modular exhibition frame took just 2 hours!!

'2 hours?' we hear you scoff, and again we can confirm, yes, the install of the frame was only 2 hours long!

The reason for this is largely because Lidl had already purchased a large quantity of our T3 system, with the graphics to match, which they re-use at any opportunity, from the yearly Royal Highland Show to all in-house events.

Choosing the right Digitally Printed Vinyl Films

Peeling Vinyl Graphic
We get asked for what is the cheapest graphic all the time but I always try and find out what the application is for.  The reason being that there is a lack of knowledge to buyers out there in the market and they don't know the differences between different print processes and medias.  It is common for customers who want a vehicle graphic or sign to buy the cheapest but then a few weeks or months later they have a problem.