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Vinyl Application to Glass

There are a number of precautions to be taken when applying vinyl to glass.

  1. Adhesion can be a problem in cold conditions, areas of high moisture, and where the glass has been cleaned with silicon based window cleaners. Use isopropyl alcohol to clean the window, and ensure the surface is warm before attempting application. With a wet application leave the graphics overnight before removing the application tape.
  2. Avoid covering the windows with large areas of dark coloured vinyl. The vinyl can cause prolonged heat absorption and retention and can cause the glass to crack or explode. This is particularly of a concern with laminated glass, double glazing and wire glass, and when applying large areas of dark vinyl to plate glass. Areas of partial shading can cause it to crack.  Toughened glass is a low risk. The stress levels created in the glass are determined by its dimensions, the type of glass, orientation, colour of vinyl and a number of other factors so it is important that the installer determines whether applying the vinyl to glass is appropriate.
  3. Do not apply vinyl between two layers of glass.
  4. Self-cleaning glazing finishes have a low energy coating that makes vinyl application very difficult, in partiucular with a wet application. Establish if the glazing has this or any other special coating. 
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