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BETT 2017 @ London Excel

Mobile Guardian Exhibition Stand BETT 2017


I've just come back up from London after working on a stand for our customer Mobile Guardian at the education exhibition BETT.  Being around on the day of the build meant that I was able to take some pictures of some things you don't always get a chance to see.

T3 Exhibition Stand Build

  1. We always use good quality high ladders when working on our stands to ensure our builders are safe
  2. We make sure the carpets are protected during the build. The plastic sheeting is taken off after the hall walkway carpets are down to ensure nobody walks the dirt onto the carpet.
  3. When we were building the custom stand behind us had a lot of problems with their electrics. Luckily for them we were able to give them access to make the fixes but if we had finished our stand then that would have made life very difficult for them.
  4. The structure we are using here is T3. It's a tool less system that simply twist and locks into position. We love it as it is modular, is quick to build, is very easy to transport in flight cases and gives a great structure to hang large seamless silicon edged fabric graphics (SEG)
  5. Bringing along things like coat stands and shelving units for the storage cupboard means customers can get full use of their storage.


As you can see on build up there is always a lot of mess on the stands and in the aisles. Glad I don't need to go round and tidy up before the show opens!

This was the final stand, you can see more pictures in the portfolio article

Mobile Guardian Exhibition Stand @ BETT 2017

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