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Exhibition Graphics

Exhibition Graphics for Shell Schemes can be printed for one off usage or for multiple useage.  

Rollable Exhibition Graphics

Magiclad Shell Clad Exhibition Graphics are the best quality rollable graphics.  They are reuseable, relatively easy to transport and best of all seamless.  The fact that they look like rigid foamex graphics but can roll for easier transportation makes these style of exhibition graphics the goto best option.  Ensuring that you have the correct shell clad clips for the various shell schemes is important so a little thought needs to go into checking out what shell schemes you will be using at the different events.

You can also use posters as a one off option.  These graphics are printed on 200gsm photosatin poster paper but because the material is not laminated for protection and is thin, you can't recycle these graphics when you are attaching them to the shell walls with velcro.

The last option we recommend for rollable exhibition graphics is popup material with velcro to the reverse.  They are quite thick in quality (425mic), have a crystal anti scuff laminate for protection and they are easy transported in cases.

Rigid Exhibition Graphics

More difficult to transport than rollable but extremely good looking panels when you use the shell clad clips.  If not then you have to be aware that you will see the shell scheme upright beams in between the graphics.

You can use correx and foamex graphics for these style of graphics.  Using correx 5mm with a vinyl laminate makes these graphic lightweight but if you are being particular you can see the indentation of the backing board.  

Using foamex is completely flat and you can use 3mm and 5mm.  We can add a laminate to protect these graphics for further use.  

Remember that in a shell scheme you have booked electrics and therefore you are likely to cut the graphics if the fuse box for the electrics cannot be moved.

Fabric Exhibition Graphics

The most cost effective and best way to get a seamless graphic image across a shell scheme wall without building an actual exhibition stand is use the shell clad clips and then clad with fabric graphics.  These are attached via velcro onto the shell clips and stretched across the whole walls.