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Fjordhus Self Build Exhibition Stand

First use at the Homebuilding and Renovating Show London
Fjordhus T3 Modular Self Build Exhibition Stand

Bespoke Self Build Exhibition Stand

The brief from Fjordhus from Galashiels in the Scottish Borders was they wanted a proper exhibition stand which showcases their phenomonal housebuilding projects. That could be transported in the back of a Range Rover and could be built by themselves. They wanted to have a large screen tv, angles representing the roof slopes of their wonderful energy efficient houses and backlights to really show off their brand.

Redblu designed the 3d structure to included fabric SEG graphics as well as some standard rollable magnetic exhibition graphics. It is 6m wide and was designed to fit a 6m space only or 6m wide shell with 3 open sides and the ceiling grid would be taken off.

This is because the central branded section is 3m high. This creaes a central focal point to the stand where the main brand is prominent. The client was really keen to have this abcklit and with a tv, so utlising the most complicated abilities of the exhibition system.

We used the T3 exhibition system because it can be built and broken down without tools and as the largest piece is only a metre long in the design is easy to transport. 

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