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An Introduction to T3 - The World's Most Versatile Modular Display System

T3 twist and lock

At Redblu we pride ourselves on keeping up to date on all the display systems on the market. We are a little bit different to many other exhibition and graphics companies where we actually like to provide the best display solution to our customers, not just sell from the manufacturer that they like working with.

  • T3 is brilliant for some projects but not all and I'll try and explain what it's real USP's are:
  • No tools required to build, absolutely magic feature for building a system. Just twist and lock, twist and lock, actually it's easier having a look at the video 
  • The system has been designed to be completely adaptable. Think of T3 as a really portable graphics carrier that can be configured to fit into any space. Any place where you need to create a structure rather than use the existing space, like walls, floors and ceilings. T3 can be designed to fit.

 T3 Retail DisplayRetail Display Stand on Stairs

  • You can use curves and straight beams to make the shape you want, add lights from behind to backlight your graphic or from above using floods.
  • Want to integrate shelving or a custom counter, no problem, multiple ways and styles of doing that.
  • Thing is all of these are easy to do and then for you if you are building yourselves, easy to transport and build.

Like to see more, have a look at the T3 Exhibition Stands

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