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ISOframe Wave Portable Exhibition Stand

ISOframe – The World’s first fully flexible portable display system.

Popup displays and rollup banner stands have been around for a long time now and they certainly are really good for certain applications.  The main complaint with them is that they are fixed in shape.  The popup 3×3 system usually curved is fixed so that you can only have your graphics on the outer or inner curve.

Rollups have to be straight to you can’t curve them to fit into different spaces.  You can push them together and make a kind of a wall but really it looks naff.

The solution has arrived, a completely curveable modular display system that can be curved to fit different spaces.  ISOframe wave is the name, watch out for it as it is going to be big.

ISOframe Wave is the first portable display system that can be formed into any shape. Simply bend and flex the entire exhibit wall into the shape you need at each event. You can even extend or reduce the display without re-printing graphics. The unique, patented Flexi-Wave link gives the system total flexibility . ISOframe Wave is also transportable by car and assembled without tools – ideal for the self-build exhibitor.

ISOframe – Intelligent Exhibiting

Tool free Assembly

Easy tool-free assembly with the unique FASTclamp connector. No more hex keys, nuts and bolts used on other systems.

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