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LBL-01 | 2 open sided 8m x 6m space only exhibition stand

LBL-01 Linx Exhibition Stand 8m x 6m 2 Open
Design Category: 
Linx Exhibition Stands
Stand Configuration: 
2 Open Sides
Stand Size: 
8m x 6m

This space only exhibition stand design has a fair amount going on. The huge overhanging roof sections change the dynamic of the space, these could be branding or create a message in an unusual place. The flooring faces out at the angle to the front corner giving the stand some shape that you don't get with a stand L shaped stand.

There are plenty of places to create high level branding upto 4m high as well as having a semi enclised meeting area. Large screen to grab attention with a good video or presentation, plenty of storage with the walk in section at the back. Finally a lovely bespoke recption design with acrylic overlapping section, add soem led's to this and really add to the high tech look to the stand.

All the options on this stand can be adapted to suit the client but why would you need to, this stand design rocks!

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