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T3 Exhibition Stands

T3 is The World's most versatile Modular Display System

The T3 modular display system is used extensively in the exhibition industry to create small and large exhibition stands . T3 can be used to build large stands up to 6m high which compete with full custom builds or small self-build stands.


If you’re new to exhibitions or been in the industry for a long time, the ability to reconfigure T3 gives you a solution that can grow with your needs. The versatility of T3 means that it can be easily used within shell scheme space and small or large exhibition space only areas, giving you a custom look but without the cost.
Either as one element or lots of smaller elements, T3 can be used to create straight or curved counters and hanging banners, to really make your exhibition display standout from the competition.

Simple "Twist and Lock" action - No locks to fail! No levers to push!

Requiring no tools, easily transportable and capable of self-build, the T3 modular display system allows your staff to build your exhibition stand with ease, saving you money on specialist transportation and skilled labour. 

T3 Stand Rentals

Redblu have a large stock holding of T3 system enabling us to deliver cost effective, environmentally friendly exhibition stands. Have a look at our pre-designed T3 Exhibition Stands

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