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Popup Displays

Popup Displays have been one of the most popular display systems this century.  Today with the prices tumbling they are a great value way to create a fixed width graphic wall.  Popups are made up of quads which is what we a referring to with the size, 3x2, 3x3, 3x4 (not the metric size). They are normally transported in wheeled transport drums.

How To Setup a Popup Display

What Shapes and Sizes do they come in?

Popups are fixed frame displays that consertina out to make a larger displays so they are very small to transport.  They are made up of quads and the standard frames are straight or curved and 2x3, 3x3, 4x3, 5x3.  We can link them together using "ghost panel".  This panel can flex.  The standard height is 3 quads high but they can be made to be different heights like 4 high sometimes used in exhibitions and also 1 quad high to be used on table tops.

The width of these displays starts at about 1m and can go upto 3.5m.  For ease of transporing you would not want a bigger frame than 5x3.  However you can join them together to make larger graphic walls.

The graphics are rollable and fit inside the cases next to the frame and magnetic bars.

There are many accessories for popups, shelves, small screen brackets, lights and the cases they come in can be turned into a branded desk by adding a counter top and wrapping the case.

We can also supply graphics to both sides of these displays so you can be seen all the way around, like in shopping centres.

Redblu have many years of helping customers with their popups and know the right sizes and configurations to fulfil the customer requirement.

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