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Portable Flags, good value and effective to get noticed

Portable flags are a great way to increase your presence without breaking the bank.

When you attend an event you always want to get noticed.  For a lot of organisations you just don’t have the budget to create the stand you would really like.  But there are other more cost-effective ways to get your business noticed.  Flags are a great way to brand your business at an event.  Maybe not on their own but they certainly help in addition to your pop-up, bannerstand or exhibition stand.

One of the best reasons flags work so well is their height.  It costs a lot to buy your real estate, your floor plan.  It doesn’t cost extra to use the height.  Did you know at most venues that you can go up to 4m high without the added hassle and cost of getting a structural engineers report.  So why not use that height, shout about your business from above your competitors!

Here are a further 10 reasons why you should consider flags to help you brand your business at an event:

  1. Flags are lightweight.
  2. Flags are portable.
  3. Flags can be used inside and outside.
  4. Flags can be used on multiple bases with the variety of bases on offer.
  5. Flags are cost-effective.
  6. Flags come in many sizes from 1.5m high to 6m high.
  7. Flags are weather proof….even in Scotland!
  8. Flags can withstand up to Beaufort Wind Scale 8 (39-46 mph).
  9. Flags are easily transportable in and break down to be small in bags.
  10. Flags get you noticed.