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Product Launch - ISOframe Ripple

ISOframe ripple is the ultimate linking banner stand display system!

The ultra-lightweight flexible linking banner-stand system - a great alternative to traditional pop-ups and banner-stands. Ideal floor size: up to 12m2. 2.2m max. height.

For an incredibly lightweight and flexible display solution that is compact, easy to assemble, transport and re-use, ISOframe Ripple is the perfect choice.

The Ripple can be flexed into almost any shape you want and gives you maximum flexibility for reducing or enlarging the size of your display to suit your needs.

The panels can either be attached to a frame or used as a link graphic, creating a clean and contemporary display stand that provides a strong visual impact.

If simplicity, speed of assembly and flexibility is what you want from a display system then the Ripple ticks all the boxes. You can re-use and reconfigure the display for future events, saving you time and money, and with media screen attachments, spotlights and a table available as accessories, the Ripple is the most convenient portable display system currently available.

Key Features

  • All panels are the same width @ 800mm wide
  • All panels are interchangeable and can be used as flexilink or frame panels
  • Flex your display to almost any shape
  • Fits into the boot of small cars
  • Single or double sided graphics
  • Two heights - 2000mm or 2200mm
  • Case to counter kit conversions
  • Very cost effective
  • Extremely lightweight, compact and portable

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