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Exhibition Stands

Lidl Bespoke Exhibition Stand @ The Royal Highland Show 2017
Lidl Bespoke Exhibition Stand @ The Royal Highland Show 2017
  • Lidl Bespoke Exhibition Stand @ The Royal Highland Show 2017
  • Advanced Power Services T3 Modular Exhibition Stand
  • Chartered Institute of Housing Unibox Modular Exhibition Stand
  • Renishaw Diagnostics Custom Exhibition Stand
  • TIGI Unibox Modular Exhibition Stand
  • TLV ISOframe Wave Exhibition Stand
  • V360 T3 TFS Exhibition Stand
  • Voxbone Portable Exhibition Stand

Exhibitions are an important way for you to promote your brand to thousands of potential customers face to face. To achieve this Redblu offer an extensive range of modular, reconfigurable and custom built exhibition stands for every technical specification and budget.

READYBOOTH - Fixed Price Exhibition Stands

What type of Floor Space do you use?

Space Only

Advanced Power Services

Bespoke Design

For seasoned exhibitors and ones that want to really make a statement they will book Space Only. Why? Because you have the ability to bespoke design every part of your stand. From the flooring to the structure, the additional height you can use helps you be seen from further in the hall. You want to be able to turn up for a handover with your new stand built, ready to go.

Turnkey Delivery

Redblu makes it easy for exhibitors who book Space Only. We design, produce, build and break our space only exhibition stands. We organise the approval to build submitting the stand designs to the organiser, we ensure the RAMS and CDM requirements are taken care of. We print the graphics and pre build the stand in house so we welcome you to come along and check it out before the show.

Exhibition Design

We offer great value pre-designed exhibition stands which are available to rent or buy. The framework prices for these pre-designed stands can be found in this brochure. We can also create something bespoke, tailored to your exacting requirements. Start the process by filling in our exhibition design brief form or contact us.

Shell Scheme

Shell Scheme Render

What is a shell scheme?

These little metal booths normally come with a fascia, ceiling grid, 500W electric socket and carpet. Your own little pre-built booth. As an exhibtor you just need to turn up with your portable display or graphics and put it up within the space. Commonly used shell scheme display solutions are Portable Displays like the Popups and Rollups. You can buy these products in our webshop department Exhibition and Indoor Displays.

Redblu has some great options to make best use of the shell scheme spaces. We have pre-designed T3 Shell Scheme Kits. These kits are modular, they fit to any shell scheme wall. They are easy to transport in bags. The graphics can be made of fabrics or rollable. They are also modular so you can build up your kit to fit different spaces.

We love the ISOframe Wave system. We have found it to be the most flexible small stand system on the market. Because the panels can be curved it it can be flexed around to fit into different spaces. No other portable display system works quite as well is the Wave. Find out more about this amazing solution in its dedicated product page - ISOframe Wave.

We also print rollable and rigid exhibition graphics, posters and offer counters and literature stands. Give us a shout on 0141 887 7378 for free, expert advice.