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Site Services

Site Services Stand Build

For clients who require expert installation and dismantling, Redblu provide exhibition build and break, graphic and signage installation and maintenance, full site surveys and onsite Project Management services.

Exhibition Stand Build & Break

We build your stand in time for your arrival and aim to do a face-to-face handover to check everything is in order whenever possible. This also lets us test any equipment and AV presentations you are bringing to the event. After the show closes, we come back, pack everything up and take it all away again, either for delivery to you or to be housed at our factory for its next outing.

Exhibition Stand Build

Signage & Graphics Installations

For bespoke signage and graphics projects, our specialist install teams work quickly and efficiently. We minimise disruption to you as much as possible, working around other trades as required. All our fitters have the necessary certifications and are experienced in their respective fields.




Graphics Installation 1Graphics Installation 2Graphics Installation 3


Site Measurements

Site Surveys

For most signage and interiors projects we will usually carry out a site visit/survey. We check the lie of the land (quite literally in some cases), and assess the suitability of the graphics or solutions we are considering for your job.

We take measurements, check existing fixings and finishes and generally just have a nosey about. It’s also a great chance to understand the areas involved, in terms available space, natural light and visibility from various points.

We also take this opportunity to take some photos which help us with visualisations further down the line.

Project Management

Project Management

In exhibition stand terms, our project management service means you don't need to fill out all those forms in your exhibitor pack, we do all the hard work for you! This can include:

  • Submission of drawings to the event organiser for approval to build.
  • Completion and submission of Risk Assessment, Method Statement (RAMS) and Construction Phase Plan (CDM) in good time.
  • Booking of any services you may require on your stand, such as electrics, internet connections, AV services and furniture.
  • Co-ordinating the logistics for the transportation of the stand and your equipment.
  • Arranging the travel for all site and build teams as required.

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