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Silicone Edged Graphics

Dye Sublimation and UV Printed Silicon Edge Tension Fabric Graphics (SEG)

The fabric textile graphics are printed using Dye Sublimation printing technology upto 3m wide in one piece.  UV printers can go upto 5m in one piece. The colour vibrancy we get now with the dye sub style of printing is very good, no washout on solids or photographs like their used to be.

There is an algorithm used to work out the stretch so that these graphics fit into the framing system so they don't sag. So if you want the correct tension on your TFS frames get in touch!

There are three main materials we supply:

  1. Display Polyester - High quality 210gsm fabric graphic
  2. Black-Back Polyester - High-white textile with coated black reverse for total blockout
  3. Backlit Polyester - Fire rated backlit textile for lightboxes.
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    Need a framing display system for SEGraphics? Check out the Unibox Tension Fabric Systems