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Top 10 Preparation Tips for Exhibiting at Agriscot, Edinburgh

Top 10 tips for exhibiting at Agriscot, Edinburgh

We've been designing and building exhibition stands and delivering portable display solutions for companies exhibiting at Agriscot for the last few years. Agriscot is the UK's top Farm Business Event! Here are our top 10 tips for successful exhibiting at the show:

  1. Book your space early at Agriscot to get a good position in the hall.
  2. Plan the message you want to convey at the event. If you have a small stand do you need to buy new graphics? If you are having a design and build create an exhibition design brief and speak to 3 local contractors to pitch for your business.
  3. Be serious about your budget, pullup banners cost under £100 each but at a trade show they do not look as professional as exhibition stands. As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for...
  4. Book your travel and accomodation early to get the best rates. If you are flying into Edinburgh then check out Skyscanner for best flight deals and Trivago for hotels.
  5. If you are travelling by road then beware of the traffic in rush hour. Recently it has become pretty bad and so stay away from the Hermiston Gate junction and come in via Newbridge from out of town if you can.
  6. With space only island sites you can really make a difference to your branding by using hanging banners, they are great for high level visibility.
  7. Ensure you have all the marketing materials and any giveaways you are planning sorted well in advance. You don't want to be waiting for your company brochures with hours to spare. Often your stand builder will deliver your collateral to the event with you, along with your stand itself.
  8. Optimise your website for visitors interested in your products or services, maybe create an AgriScot-specific landing page with an offer specifically for visitors to your stand.
  9. Try to assess which of your existing customers or potential leads are going to be attending the show, and keep an eye out for them. This may be the perfect opportunity to make them feel important and special to your company, opening the door for ongoing or new business opportunities.
  10. Make sure you build in just a little time to enjoy Edinburgh, it is a great city! What to do in Edinburgh
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