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Top 5 Tips for Designing Pop-up Displays

Designing Popup Displays

There are plenty of things to remember when setting up artwork for pop-up displays, lucky for you, we’re on hand with our top 5 tips to keep you right and make sure that you get the best looking pop-up possible!

  1. Know what the actual unit you are designing the artwork for looks like. Many pop-ups have curved end panels, meaning not everything in the flat graphic you see on screen during the design process will be visible when you look at the end product head on.
  2.  Be aware of where panel joins fall in the design. We will always make sure that our panel joins are as good as can be in the finished product, but the way you lay out the artwork can really help with this. If you put some small text right over a join between the graphics, there’s a good chance you won’t get the drops sitting seamlessly on the frame when you go to use it. This can be made worse by uneven floors at the event. Best bet is to split the content over the number of available panels and minimise content on the joins wherever possible!
  3. Consider how the display is designed to be used. We often produce pop-ups from great looking artwork, but the customer goes and sits the unit behind a desk, cutting off half of their marketing message! If it’s being used as a backdrop, keep the important info high or out wide to ensure it is seen.
  4. Remember to include bleeds on your final artwork. We need these to make sure we have edge to edge colour in your print. Nothing worse than a design with 5mm of white space down the edge of your design!
  5. Don’t neglect the case wrap graphic. Most pop-up packages come with a desk wrap graphic, which converts your pop-up transport case into a usable counter. This is a very valuable graphic, particularly if you are standing it in front of the main pop-up. It should feature your branding and tie in with the rest of the display graphics. Don’t treat it as an afterthought, as it may well be the first part of your display that people see on approach!

So there you have our top 5 tips for designing pop-up displays. We’ve probably got another handful we could share, but you’ll just have to ask if you want them!

Don’t forget if it all sounds a bit complicated, we’re happy to do all your artwork for you, just get in touch!

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