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What Exhibition System Should I Choose?

What exhibition system should I choose

Exhibitors are continually striving for the best exhibition stand solution for their needs.  They want a fantastic looking stand which helps them get recognition at the event and down the line positive trade show ROI.  One of the most factors in selecting a stand is what system to choose?

What Are My Choices?

Redblu are a little bit different to other exhibition stand contractors as we use various systems.  The reason being we don't want to come across as being like window salesman, "our product is best".  We prefer to select from the best exhibition stand systems on the market as each have different USP's. The systems we use are Unibox, ISOframe, T3, Linx, Modular, and BeMatrix.  We then recommend the best solution to fit the customer needs.

So How Do I Select From These Different Choices?

Selecting yourself is difficult which is why we offer free advice to help you, but we have tried to make things simple by showing what each system does:

Linx - Ideal for one off stand rentals in England and Europe.  Modular aluminium system that is totally reconfigurable.

ISOframe - Ripple, Wave, Fabric, Express Popup, Exhibit and ISObar are all ideal for buying and great for self build stands as they don't require any tools and are easy to build.  For larger Exhibit stands we recommend these to be professionally built but hte more simple stands can be built by the experienced self builder.  ISOframe Custom should only be built by professional builders.  Good for UK and Europe.  Very cost effective in London and Birnmingham shows.

Modular - Ideal for purchasing and being built by the professional installer.

BeMatrix - Ideal for rental customes who want a custom look from a reconfiurable stand.  Great for London exhibitions.

Unibox - Ideal rental system for Scottish Events.  Redblu hold a good stock of this to be reconfigured for extremely tight budgets.  Huge range of profiles suited to make any structure you want. The meccano of exhibition systems.

T3 - Ideal for self builders who want a completely modular reconfigurable system that is easy to build with no tools.  Suitable for both shell scheme and space only stands.

I still don't know what would be my best option.

Call us on 0141 887 7378 or get in touch - we are experienced in all these systems and can advise which fits your brief best. We are happy to come out and meet face to face and show you galleries of stands.  We are ideally situated in the central belt of Scotland and our Sales Team will meet with you at your office.



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